We endeavour to keep the website regularly updated with general examination information to keep you informed of upcoming examinations and any changes at a national level. At BRGS, we recognise the importance of parental support and involvement, particularly during the examination process and hope the information provided is useful.

The summer exams finish on 26 June 2019.

Results days are as follows:

A-level results available in person from 9am on Thursday 15th August 2019.

GCSE results available in person from 9am on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

Please note if you are unable to make either of these days and wish someone to pick up results on your behalf you will need to give a signed letter to the exams office (or email from your registered brgsmail account) before the end of the summer term (Friday 19th July). Should you wish to results to be posted please provide the exams office with a prepaid stamped addressed envelope and we can send them out on the Thursday. Results will of course be available on INSIGHT the day after results days.

Please note the exams office will not give out results over the telephone or by email.

Opening Hours and contact details

During term time the exams office is open during school hours.

During the summer holidays in 2019 we will be open from 10am till 2pm on the following days to support students with their results and any issues that may arise. Our direct line during this time is 01706 233409. The exams office is not staffed outside of these hours and the best way to contact us is via email (exams@brgs.org.uk).

Thursday 15th August (A-level results day – 9am - 4pm)

Friday 16th August (10am to 2pm)

Monday 19th August (10am to 2pm)

Tuesday 20th August (10am to 2pm)

Thursday 22nd August (GCSE results day – 9am – 2pm)

Friday 23rd August (10am to 2pm)

Tuesday 27th August (10am to 2pm)

Thursday 29th August (10am to 2pm)

School re-opens on Wednesday 4th September (Exams Office hours 8am to 4pm)

Review of Results

Results days are stressful times and with some students having a place a university hanging in the balance, it is important to know what to do if you have concerns regarding the results. The school is able to offer several post results services on results days and in the time after to support you. Some of these services are time dependent so please make note of the deadline dates. The costs vary between GCSE and A-level so please click on the links below for the relevant information, application form and prices.

Review of marking form for A-level (GCE) click here 

Review of marking form for GCSE click here 

There are a number of services available for reviews of results some of which are only available for A-level and some for GCSE.

Service Level

 For A-level only



Priority review



Priority review with photocopy



Priority access to scripts




If you have a University place pending your A-level results then you need a priority review. You only have a week to apply. These can take up to 20 calendar days but awarding bodies aim to complete these before the end of August and usually arrive before then. Applications can be made on Results Day via the exams office.

Should you be unsure of whether to have a review of marking then service 3 allows you get a photocopy of your script the copies should be back at school by the 5th September but usually arrive before then. This gives you time to decide whether you want a remark before the 19th September deadline.

Service Level

GCSE and A-level






Review with photocopy



This is just a standard review where time is not of the essence. Be aware that grades can go down as well as up so it is important to discuss this option with your subject teacher, especially if you are near a grade boundary. Awarding bodies have 20 calendar days to complete these reviews.

Service Level

GCSE and A-level



Clerical re-check



Clerical re-check with photocopy



This is not a review of your exam paper but is checked to ensure that all questions have been marked, all marks have been added up and totalled correctly. Awarding bodies have 10 calendar days to complete these checks.


Service Level

GCSE and A-level



Non-priority access to scripts (original)



Do not ask for your original exam paper back if you are considering any kind of appeal about your results. This option is only for students who wish to learn from their exam paper. The scripts are returned to school between 21st September and 14th November.

All of these services are available both on and after results days but do double check the opening times of the exams office during the holiday. Application forms for these services and costs are hyperlinked in the first paragraph of this section.

If you are unsure which service you would like then please see this handy infographic below that may help you decide, alternatively get in contact with the exams office who will be happy to help you.


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