The importance of literacy has been highlighted recently in a study by the Institute of Education which examined the reading habits of 6,000 children. The research concluded that reading for pleasure played a greater part in the development of a child than how educated their parents were. The findings showed that there was a 14.4% advantage in vocabulary, a 9.9% advantage in maths and an 8.6% advantage in spelling by children who read frequently.

The aims and objectives of the Learning Resource Centre relate directly to those of the school and curriculum requirements providing a specific focus on literacy.


The LRC in liaison with subject teachers and support staff works towards achieving the following aims:

  1. To provide a challenging but supportive and encouraging environment to stimulate, develop and maintain an interest in reading for pleasure for a wide range of reading interests so that students value reading as a source of pleasure and as an important life skill.
  2. To provide advice and assistance to students to develop information literacy and research skills applicable to a wide range of resources to find information and study in order to become articulate, enquiring and independent learners.
  3. To support the curriculum and teaching methods by collaborating with departments to build LRC resources into schemes of work so that students engage positively with learning.
  4. To provide a welcoming and safe place using resources and enrichment opportunities to develop students into well-rounded individuals to flourish and excel to achieve their aspirations by placing emphasis on developing rounded and mature young people with emotional intelligence, thinking skills and the desire to give back to the community.


The LRC contains stock covering a wide interest range which is current, contains up to date and relevant material appropriate to student’s ages and abilities, is in good condition and fit for purpose and relevant to student’s courses and interests.

The librarian liaises with Heads of Department and other teaching staff to ensure that curriculum stock is relevant to current curriculums and that there are sufficient resources available to support homework and other research projects.

The librarian gives students the opportunity to make stock suggestions which are taken into consideration when making stock buying decisions.

Donations from staff or students are accepted at the librarian’s discretion based on the same selection criteria for purchasing.

The careers information and stock contained in the LRC supports the BRGS Careers Policy and includes stock to support students going on to study at university, including stock to support writing UCAS personal statements, prospectuses, interviews, practice tests for subjects such as medicine and law and Oxbridge prep material. There is also stock for students looking to go down other routes such as apprenticeships, creative industries, gap years or straight into work or to support students preparing CVs and interviews for part time work or work experience and resources to support exams and study.


The LRC website is accessible to students from all school computers and laptops to search the resource catalogue, place reservations for stock and write reviews which will appear on the homepage for others to read.

Students have access to the LRC before school starts, at break and lunchtimes and after school until 4pm. There are desks for study and reading and computers for homework.

Sixth form students can also use the space for quiet study during free periods.

There is a photocopier for use by students at a cost of 5p per sheet.

Students will be given the option of volunteering as a pupil librarian at lunchtimes. The role will include basic library tasks and the opportunity to be involved in the development of LRC displays and events.


Students can be issued with up to 3 books and 1 DVD at a time for 3 week periods.

Adult stock will only be issued to staff and students Years 10-13, if a younger student would like to issue adult stock an email will be sent to parents requesting permission to do so.

Lost or damaged items must be replaced, an email will be sent to parents advising if this happens.


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