Here you should find all the information you should need with respect to the Year 6 students who we are looking forward to welcoming to BRGS in September 2020.

The following documents are a good starting point in providing you with all the necessary information so that you and your son/daughter will feel ready and prepared for the next step in their learning journey. 

Document 1 - please click here for the Year 6 Folder Introduction.  This contains the all-important contact details for key staff members at BRGS.

Document 2 - please click here for information about the school curriculum.  This includes home learning expectations, reporting to parents, feedback and reflection and brief information about each subject your child will be studying (along with any equipment requirements).

Document 3 - please click here for information about school life:  absence procedures; assemblies; breakages; charges and remissions; clubs and societies; communication; disciplinary information; Eid and Ramadan; governing body; holidays; Insight (school's communication tool); insurance; internet use for students; late arrivals; lockers; pastoral care; photographs; PTA; pupil post; rewards; timetable for the school day; school nurse; school trips; relationships and sexual education within PSHE; sickness; target setting and monitoring of progress; travel to and from school; school uniform and finally, visits.  A wealth of information in this concise document. 

Document 4 - please click here for key school policies:  attendance; behaviour for learning policy; mobile phones; adverse weather policy (snow); confidentiality and information sharing procedures.

Document 5 - please click here for general school information: school calendar*, uniform, buses, peripatetic music lessons.

NB:  please note that the school calendar has changed for 2020-2021 with school starting on Thursday 3rd September due to the school requiring two INSET days prior to full reopening.  Please use this school calendar available here.

Document 6 - please click here for additional information:  how to join the PTA and PTA 200 Club; letter from the Headteacher focusing on the school's Annual Fund and parental support network; and catering information. 

Please find below three videos to watch to help support in terms of transition to BRGS.

1.  Introduction for Year 7 Students 

2.  Introduction for Year 7 Parents

3.  New intake evening talk with Mr Reeves

Here you can find the All About Me form to complete and return to Mrs Porteous, Head of Year 7 for 2020-2021 at  Please also listen to a video from Mrs Porteous below:

All About Me Form - editable

All about Me Form - Mrs Porteous's form

Here is a tour of BRGS which will hopefully help you as you find your way about BRGS.

Click here for a map of the site.

Below is a video from Mrs Porteous answering questions from prospective Year 7s:

Please find below some transition materials to help prepare for Year 7.

Year 7 English - please click here.  There is also access to an online book borrowing service.  For information on how to access this service, please click here.

Year 7 Maths - please click here




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