With the country still locked within the pandemic we are having to run our new year 7 induction programme slightly differently this year.  This page gives you some information about the start of the new school year and the essential information you need to be in possession of.


First of all, a video introduction from Alan Porteous, our head teacher.



Over the last two to three weeks we have been visiting as many of our new year 7 pupils as we have been able to.  We have now completed this process and placed your son or daughter into a year 7 form.  We have informed you of this in the email that has led you to this page.  Your son or daughter will be under the daily supervision of a form tutor, and also of their head of year – Mrs Bowdler – who will remain their head of year until the end of year 11.  The following video gives a brief introduction from Mrs Bowdler.



In the video below, Mr Reeves goes through some of the administrative details you need to be aware of as your child prepares to come to BRGS.



The handbook referred to by Mr Reeves can be downloaded in sections below:



Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5


It isn’t quite the same as exploring school for themselves, but here is a video made by one of our students which seeks to show your son or daughter around BRGS.



Here is a video from the Chair of the PTA Deborah Evans.  Please do take a look at the BRGS PTA pages on the website. 



Finally, your son or daughter will begin with us at BRGS on Friday 3rd September 2021.  For this day, and the following Monday they will be following an induction programme organised by Mrs Bowdler.  They should attend in full uniform, but may wear trainers on these days so they can access our astroturf.


The school day begins at 8.35 am and concludes at 3.15 pm.  On Friday 3rd September we will meet your children at the school gates and escort them into school in order to help them get settled.




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