Why study Economics?

In one respect, all societies are ‘economies’ in the sense that they have to solve the problem of how to use scarce resources to produce goods and services which meet the demands of consumers. 

Exam Board:

AQA:  www.aqa.org.uk 

Course Outline:

The subject examines issues relating to the world in which we live.  For example:

What are stocks and shares, how do we make money?

Is privatisation a good idea? Are Strikes important?

How do the Conservatives differ from Labour in how the economy should be run?

How did the banking system almost collapse?

Should we reduce taxes and spend lesson education or unemployment

As you can see, economics issues touch the lives of everyone – we see them reported in newspapers and TV everyday; the study of A level Economics gives you a fascinating opportunity to understand these issues.

How are you assessed?

3 end of Year 13 exams.

Studying this subject could lead to a career in:

The study of economics is almost essential to get into certain degree courses and jobs.  For example, after studying economics at BRGS, students have ventured into the following careers:  Marketing/Advertising, Law ie. Lawyers/Barristers, Politics, Accounting, Business Advisors.

Subject requirements:

No specific subject requirements.



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