Why study Law?

The law underpins much of what we can and cannot do, it has an impact on our upbringing, education, careers and interests. The study of law improves your powers of reasoning, clarity of thought, and the ability to analyse. It is taught within so many different professions from medicine, to business, to architecture, to teaching, that to have an understanding of our legal system is always an advantage. It is an obvious choice for anyone wanting a career in the legal profession or in any aspect of our justice system.

Exam Board:

AQA www.aqa.org.uk

Course Outline:

The course provides an introduction to the legal system in England and Wales.  At the beginning we focus on key terms and then stat to introduce more challenging aspects of the specification.  You will undertake a variety of learning activities throughout the course, such as: class discussions, mock trials, visiting courts and the Houses of Parliament and guest speakers.  The course will predominantly focus on:

The English Legal System and Sources of Law (Year 1)

The Criminal Law (Year 1)

Law of Tort (Year 2) This includes liability in negligence for injury to people and would be beneficial to those studying from careers from Medicine to Architecture to Plumbing.

Contract Law (Year 2)  Study of the Law of Contract would be beneficial for those students considering a career in Business. 

How you are assessed:

Examinations will account for 100% of the assessment and will include a variety of question types: mainly short answer, extended essays and scenario questions.

Examinations are sat in June, at the end of the two year course.

Studying this subject could lead to a career in:


This website is a good starting point for investigating law related careers, including Barrister, Solicitor, Chartered Legal Executive and Paralegal.

However, the study of law can help to lead to lots of other career opportunities like:

Licensed Conveyancer - https://www.clc-uk.org/trainees/become-a-clc-lawyer/licensed-conveyancer/

Company Secretary

Patent/Trade Attorney – combining law and science/maths

Police Service

Civil Service

Investment Banking

Legal Publishing

Management Consultancy

And many more…

Subject requirements:

No subject specific requirements.

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