Mathematics is not only a beautiful and exciting subject in its own right, but also one that underpins many other branches of learning. This course will cover the main areas of mathematics such as algebra, statistics and mechanics. For those choosing the double mathematics course you will cover these topics to a much greater depth.

Exam Board:

Edexcel courses 9MA0 – A-level maths 9FM0 – A-level FM

Course outline:

There are some overarching themes within mathematics that will be taught over the two years, these consist of

Mathematical argument, language and proof

Mathematical problem solving

Mathematical modelling

These form the backbone through which all the content will be taught. The course is split to allow for two thirds of it to concentrate on the algebra this will cover following topics:

Proof; Algebra and functions; Coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane; Sequences and series; Trigonometry; Exponentials and logarithms; Differentiation; Integration; Numerical methods; Vectors.

The final third will be split between statistics and mechanics topics such as:

Statistical sampling; Data presentation and interpretation; Probability; Statistical distributions; Statistical hypothesis Testing; Quantities and units in mechanics; Kinematics; Forces and Newton’s laws; Moments.

How you are assessed:

3 Terminal papers consisting of two 2 hour papers worth 100 marks each on the Pure maths content and one 2 hour paper, worth 100 marks, on the Applied content. This third paper is split into 2 sections of equal weighting Section A is statistics and Section B is mechanics.

Studying this subject could lead to a career in:

Business, HR, Financial, Information technology, Education, Engineering and STEM related, Medical careers including veterinary

In order to succeed in subject you need:

Grade 6 for Mathematics and Grade 7 for Further Mathematics.

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